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Logistics for health.

Founded in 2013, Net Healthcare Logistics (NHL)

provides services exclusively in the health industry. NHL has achieved firsts in its field through making a a difference with its innovative and integrated logistics solutions in the industries of human medicine, animal health medicine, medical devices, pharmaceutical raw material companies and hospital logistics. As of 2016, it has become the largest healthcare logistics company in Turkey by surpassing its global and domestic competitors by the medicine box number it stores and distributes.

With a total of over 500 employees, a closed area of 25,000 m2, a temperature controlled storage capacity of 60,000 pallets and 2 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities, it is the only healthcare logistics company serving on both sides in Istanbul.

Our Management

Our only goal is to maintain our position as the leading company that grows the industry and is remembered first when it comes to healthcare logistics.

General Manager 
Bilal Uzun
Assistant General Manager
Rıza Güller
Warehouse Operations Group Manager
Süleyman Güler
Quality Assurance Manager
Müge Çetinler
Transportation Operations Manager
Murat Kale
Warehouse Operation Manager
Remzi Çiftepınar
Warehouse Operation Manager
Muhammet Uzun
Warehouse Operation Manager
Onur Çetin
Responsible Manager
Özlem Gürsoy
Responsible Manager
Sutude Aktan

With all our knowledge, we are working to take your business one step further.


Producing the most innovative, efficient and sustainable logistics solutions backed by our quality management systems while taking into consideration the volume and technical demands of our customers' product portfolio.


We aim to remain a company that is completely focused on providing healthcare logistics services and solutions as well as offering continuous value to our customers. With this purpose in mind, we aim to be the most preferred and reliable company in the field. 



40.000 m2








With all our knowledge, we are working to take your business one step further.

Responding to all your logistics needs 


we are a team of one.

NHL is a Netlog Logistics Company.

We are working to take your business one step further with all our know-how.

Netlog Logistics was founded in 2003 by Şahap Çak, who has 35 years of experience in the logistics sector. In 2010, Netlog became the largest logistics company in Turkey and was the fastest growing company in all sectors for 8 years.

Making a difference with its innovative and integrated logistics solutions in the food, textile, fashion, merchandising, retail, automotive and industrial products sectors, Netlog has realized firsts in many sectors it serves and played a role in the growth of the sectors. Today, with over 12,000 employees from 29 different nationalities, a total of 1.4 million m2 of closed warehouse space managed in 6 countries on 3 continents, 78 warehouses in total and over 4,000 self-owned transportation vehicles, Netlog has become the business partner of Turkish companies not only domestically but also abroad.

Integrated Management System Policy

As NHL A.Ş., acting in parallel to legal requirements with the Integrated Management Systems we have created in order to carry out our activities in line with our principles and values, we aim to gain the trust of our customers, stakeholders and employees and achieve sustainable development.

For this, during all our service processes we promise to;

  • Improve company performance and production efficiency,

  • Ensuring that the products are stored in accordance with the storage conditions,

  • Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction,

  • Meeting customer-oriented expectations and applying the principles of excellence,

  • Adopting a common quality perspective to all of our departments,

  • Ensuring the lack of unfair competition to our customers and competitors as well as protecting ethical values,

  • Ensuring the continuity of our employees and stakeholders in Occupational Health and Safety processes through measures we take and working with zero-accident principle,

  • Training and raising awareness in order to ensure the health and safety of all our employees,

  • Ensuring the protection of the natural environment by acting with a life-cycle oriented perspective while determining the risks, opportunities and environmental dimensions,

  • Increasing the recycling rate by reducing waste and collecting them at their source,

  • Using energy efficiently, protecting environmental balance and natural resources,

  • Cooperating with environmental institutions and organizations for a more livable environment,

  • Ensuring recency by following technological developments,

  • Managing risks and emergency situations effectively, continuously improving all processes and ensuring business continuity,

  • Complying with national and international legislations,

  • Complying with cGMP, cGDP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standard requirements,

Ensuring the sustainability of these principles by continuously improving them with the participation of all our employees, stakeholders and customers.

Bilal Uzun

NHL General Manager

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