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Logistics for health.


The Healthiest way to store Healthcare in Turkey



We can guide you step by step to discover how to solve your logistics requirements.

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2 GMP Certified Warehouses

Istanbul Anatolian and European Side, Gebze/Esenyurt

65.000 Pallets

65,000 pallet capacity for Cold, Frozen and Ambient storage


Domestic and international health industry companies

80.000.000 Boxes

80,000,000 monthly boxes handled in each heat regime

850.000 Parcels

Distribution of 850,000 parcels per month to warehouses and pharmaceutical warehouses

As Net Healthcare Logistics (NHL), we produce solutions tailored for healthcare logistics industry via our storage areas with 65,000 pallet capacity, advanced storage technologies and inventory management capabilities.

As NHL, we offer conditioned high shelf storage for all temperatures in our warehouses (+15 / + 25°C , +2 / +8°C, -20/-22°C). This way, we guarantee an optimal, (constant) temperature in different temperature ranges and in all parts of our warehouses.

Temperature monitoring of all climatization conditions in the warehouse is conducted via C-logger system, and in case of any deviation, the system creates a warning via voice alarms, and notifies by mail and SMS. We guarantee compliance with the technical specifications of the product with continuous and instantaneous temperature monitoring.

We monitor your products through a validated Warehouse Management System (WMS) starting from the receiving the goods to storage, collection and packaging processes as well as optimizing our operational processes.

The flexible structure and extensive equipment of our warehouses allow for economical implementation of established standard solutions, as well as the implementation of customer-specific requirements.

Our Storage Types

+15 / +25 C

Temperature Controlled Storage

+2 / +8 C

Cold Chain Storage

-20 / -22 C

Frozen Chain Storage

What Differenciates Us

Validated temperature monitoring system

High shelf storage

GMP-compliant quality assurance method

Alert system with alarm, SMS, e-mail notifications

7/24 CCTV systems

Fire alarm system

Fire extinguishing sprinkler system

2 generators that back each other up

Operations management with validated WMS

Narrow aisle storage applications

Operation-based packaging solution

(Validated styrofoam, Ice battery, Dry ice)

Operation team with GMP training


+15 / +25 C


+2 / +8 C


-20 / -22 C

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