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Logistics for health.

We guarantee the achievement of international standards in each area we serve, thanks to our quality assurance team that is expert in health industry. The “Quality Assurance Mentality” we have created with Continuous Quality trainings defines our business culture. We not only provide services at the highest quality standard, but also achieve this by constantly preparing new and innovative service concepts. 

Quality Assurance



Our success is fueled by our customers trust.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

With the new regulation published by the Ministry of Health in 2017, our service definition has been updated as “Manufacturing Place”. We provide all the necessary conditions within the scope of international standards in our GMP certified facilities approved by the authority.  

Quality Document Management System (QDMS)

Within the scope of the global digitalization movement, we have integrated the activities required by the quality management system standards on QDMS in an environmen-friendly fashion.  With the participation of all employees, we manage our processes under Document Management, Deviation Tracking Management, Change Control, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Action Planning, Monitoring and Follow-Up Management, Internal Audit, Management KPI Reporting through the system.

Responsible Management Service

Within the scope of Human Medicine and Animal Health medicines, we provide “Responsible Management” service with our Pharmacist and Veterinary teams in both of our facilities.

The Law no. 984 on Pharmaceutical Trade Houses and Shops where Toxic and Industrial Chemical Substances for Artistic and Agricultural Operations Are Sold

"Regulation on Pharmaceutical Trade Houses And Products Kept in Pharmaceutical Trade Houses", put into force through publication in the Official Gazette dated June 15, 2022 numbered 31867

"The Regulation by the Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic's General Directorate on Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy, Guide to Good Distribution and Conservation Practices for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Warehouse Products"

​Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guideline by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Türkiye

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) WHO and EU GDP 94/C 63/03

​Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ICH Q7, ICH Q10, EU GMP

​Good Clinical Practice Guideline (GCP) ICH E6 and EU GMP annex 13

​Information Technology Systems validated according to Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) applications

​Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 820 (quality systems), 21 CFR 211 (GMP for finished products)

Followed Legislations and External Documents

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