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Logistics for health.

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We offer much more than warehousing & transport.

Promotional Goods Logistics

Promotional goods management is carried out by our expert staff with the awareness that it is one of the most important operations of the pharmaceutical sector and one that directly reaches the internal customers of our own customers.

We have tailor-made solutions specific to the healthcare industry

Key Benefits

  • Our Extensive Industry Experience

  • Our Top Logistics Experts

  • Operational Processes Tailored to Your Needs

  • Supply Chain Operational Excellence

  • Inventory Tracking and Reporting 

  • Online Logistics Management

  • Dedicated Customer Management Team 


Storage and Logistics Management of Clinical Research Products

NHL implements the highest quality and assurance standards in storage and distribution services.

Sample Product Management

Ministry of Health sampling process is as follows: for each product manufactured in our facilities, the product is divided into samples in accordance with the conditions and up to the amount defined in the instructions by our customer, and inventory management is carried out via WMS (Warehouse Management System).

We are at the service of businesses engaged in digital sales and marketing throughout the entire e-commerce process from product procurement to inventory management, from order collection to packaging, from distribution to return product management.

Sample Product Process

  • Detailed documentation of the process

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Production/labeling of samples according to GMP conditions

  • Storage, shipment and transportation of pharmaceutical samples

  • Archiving of documents

  • Reporting

Under our sample product management solution, we carry out the sample processing of 2 different product categories on behalf of our customers.

imha operasyonları yönetimi

Disposal Operations Management

To facilitate your work, we manage all the disposal processes for you.

We can manage your storage facilities or even handle your transport operations working at your sites. 

We manage the operations for packaging/raw materials, order preparation for manufacturing, product preparation for export and domestic market on behalf of our customers with our dedicated teams in factory warehouses and our systemic infrastructure if necessary. We report our performance in these operations through defined KPI criteria.

In-House Operations Management

Customer's Warehouse  Management

Transport Management at your site, in your sight.

For our customers who manage their warehouse operations themselves, we take responsibility for all transportation operations in their own warehouse.  This allows for your products to be delivered to warehouses/pharmaceutical warehouses in the fastest way and within the delivery limits through NHL experience and assurance. 

Vaccine-Specific Logistics Management

Due to their technical specifications, vaccines are health products that must be stored, labeled and distributed in accordance with GDP standards.

With the integrated cold chain operation management we have created with such sensitivity in mind, we manage the vaccine operation all the way through with our expert teams without breaking the product safety chain.  

We have "The Solution" for the most secure and complex Vaccine SCM.

• Cold chain +2/+8°C storage

• Barcoding products in areas of their own regime or in secondary packaging conditions in line with customer's expectation

• Active transportation with validated vehicles or passive transportation with validated styrofoams

• Barcoding of the vaccines purchased by the state in Ministry of Health facilities on behalf of our customer by our expert teams and providing ATS (Aşı Takip Sistemi/Vaccine Tracking System) notifications

Distribution of Hospital Products

In line with the newly developed hospital logistics regulations , your products are to be received centrally by the State Supply Office (Devlet Malzeme Ofisi/DMO) and the products from pharmaceutical companies are to be distributed to hospitals. Transporting your products to the right hospital at the right time, in the right quantity, placing them on the shelves undamaged and ensuring that they are constantly available on the shelves is quite the job... And it is the duty of NHL to carry out the logistics processes of all these operations in accordance with the expectations of the industry and quality standards. As NHL, we confidently manage the logistics processes of health industry products all the way from production line to shelves. 

Hospitals in Turkey. We have got you covered!

Consumable Goods Supply Management

As NHL, we provide supply chain management on your behalf for products such as parcels, styrofoam, ice batteries, plastic wraps, tapes, labels, bundles that fall into the category of consumables.

Would you like to get rid of the workload of purchasing, tracking and managing your consumables?

We can guide you step by step to discover how to solve your logistics requirements.

How can we help you?


Meet logistics solutions that contribute to the digitalizing world.

Technology Solutions

Thanks to our WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, which can be integrated with all kinds of ERP systems, we manage all steps in logistics processes through the system and keep the inventory accuracy rate at the highest level.

 SAP, Oracle, Logo, JD Edwards vb.

ERP System Integration

We are working with direct integration into the Ministry of Health system with our in-house software developed for İTS management.  

ITS (Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System) Management

We are working with direct integration into the Ministry of Health system with our in-house software developed for ÜTS management.    

UTS (Product Tracking System) Management

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