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Logistics for health.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for companions who can say “we” instead of “I”, who believe in the value of being a team, who want to build their future in the logistics sector and make a difference in people’s lives.

Open to development, learning, and experience sharing

We support continuous learning and development. For us, experience is an increasing value as we share it.

Taking responsibility and producing any solutions

We know the value of providing solutions and staying calm under pressure by using their skills and knowledge in the right place at the right time.

Believing in ethics and equality and being aware of their values

We believe that acting with the principle of fairness and honesty while achieving individual goals is the most transparent way to gain trust.

Having a creative and innovative perspective

We invest in candidates, who have the ability to think creatively like an entrepreneur and can design value-added solutions according to the needs of our customers.


Teamwork, embracing team spirit and growing together are our essential values.



Prepare your future with NHL.

If you want to be part of a team growing and developing day by day, to shape your future with us and to contribute to create many domestic and international solutions, we desire to see you with us.   


Recruitment and Application Process



You can apply to our company through various platforms and events such as our Human Resources portal, newspaper advertisements, websites and career days.



Our Human Resources department evaluates your resume according to the areas where you can improve or benefit most. All your applications are entered in the database in the framework of confidentiality principles.



Our Human Resources department conducts progressive interviews that include behavioral, psychotechnical and English proficiency tests. The result can be positive or negative. As Every candidate who applies to our company is valuable to us. Our Human Resources department notifies you of all meeting results via email or phone.



Candidates who we think are suitable for the company profile are called for a second meeting to meet our unit managers. Our Human Resources department informs you again of all interview results via email or phone.



Our priority is to work with qualified candidates who know the team play. If you have these skills, NHL’s doors will open for you after the reference check and job offer.

If you are ready to add excitement to your life, we are waiting for you.

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